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Plan for Retirement... The Smart Way.

Contrary to what certain “experts” try to claim on TV, financial markets are unpredictable. The fact is that the stock market does go up and down. So, this can make it challenging for retirees to properly plan for their future.

Green Line NW is here to help you navigate to a financial Strategy that makes sense for your situation.

We are real people, relating to our clients with real solutions. Our 3 main drivers in planning for retirement are:

Protecting your
assets and savings
Providing options for
a reasonable rate of return
Keeping your strategy simple
and easily manageable

With all the uncertainty of recent years, it can be difficult to feel good about retiring. Many retirement income sources, such as pension benefit plans, have dried up or decreased. In addition, it costs more now for living expenses than ever before. With medical advances, people are living longer. This is great news but it also means we have to plan for a longer retirement than we may have thought. Also, healthcare costs are rising, too. More than ever, you need to properly save and plan in order to have a lifetime income. Without question, many retirees are looking for some protection of their savings.

Safety & Planning for Retirement

The first rule of a long-term financial strategy is this: don’t lose money. Products like fixed index annuities (FIA) or index universal life insurance offer the chance to keep your principal safe. However, your strategy also needs a way to earn more as well. Thankfully, FIA and IUL policies may help. Here’s how. These products give you the opportunity to earn interest when the market index is up, yet protect your money when the index is down.

With this first principle, we work to help you achieve your retirement goals. Perhaps you want to have an income for life that you can count on. Or, maybe you want to have a safe place to put your money. You may be looking for alternatives that let you leave your wealth to those you love without probate. In all of these situations, Green Line NW can help.

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Personalized Strategies

Although many financial advisors offer the same types of products, each client is different. With this in mind, we first take time to learn about your current financial and personal situation. We want to understand what is important to you. Next, we review your current strategy. Then, we discuss other possibilities that can help with safety as well as accumulation of wealth. Looking to learn more about these options? Register for one of our upcoming education sessions to find out more.

About Green Line NW LLC

Interested in how to protect your money from market loss? Looking for ways to secure your income for life? We’re here to help you discover your options. Call us for a private consultation or attend an upcoming educational session for more information. There is no cost to attend and no obligation – just honest, direct guidance and discussion.

If the stock market goes down, what happens to your wealth? Do you have a way to keep it safe? Many retirees come to us because they become uncomfortable with the ups and downs of the stock market. In fact, if most of your retirement savings is invested directly in the market, you are at risk. Once you reach retirement, it becomes important to maintain your nest egg. Yes, you want some reasonable growth. But, more importantly, you need a steady income and some protection for what you’ve accumulated. We’re here to help you learn how to protect your principal.

Why People Work With Us

Your strategy for retirement is a personal experience. It takes trust. So, we help people first learn about their options via our seminars and webinars. We believe that an educated client is an empowered client. In fact, our whole process for 30 years has started with education first. Next, we meet with you individually. We talk about your questions or concerns. Also, we go over your current risk, and what that means to you. Finally, we lay out a plan that you feel good about. You’ve worked hard to earn your money. Now, you can learn how to protect it and have an income for life.

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BEGIN YOUR strategy

When you’re ready for that next step, we’re here to help. Come learn about tax-free or tax-deferred income options, protection of principal and more. Join us at a seminar or call us to schedule your appointment today. Let’s work together to achieve a comfortable and secure retirement future for you.

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